Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It’s Not Too Late for a Packaging Resolution in 2011!

By Rob Busse, CPP- Chainalytics
Let’s be honest, “New Year’s Resolutions” are hard to keep and by April they are usually distant memories. Although we all have the best intentions to achieve these goals, we all usually fail. So now that we are a few months into 2011 and most of the “New Year’s Resolution” pressure has passed, it is a good time to reconsider addressing your business resolutions for 2011. Here are a few ideas to get you started thinking:

1. Think about things that your direct group can affect

2. Brainstorm ideas with your team. Think about any of the following:
  • Ways to reduce operating costs (from practical to radical)
  • How to maximize the efficiency of personnel and equipment
  • How can your group practice sustainability, not just talk about it?
  • What are some new tools you could use to be more productive?
  • Your companies social responsibilities
3. Select the top ideas

4. Align your team’s goals with the broader corporate initiatives

5. Have a kick off meeting, assign team roles, and set some milestone dates

6. Then measure the impact

Since most resolutions fail within weeks, stay disciplined in the execution. Your team will be more confident at the end of the year when they can look back and see what was accomplished.

Chainalytics is focused on our customer’s bottom line. We would like to help your business unit win in 2011. Our packaging professionals can help you identify and implement cost reduction programs related to packaging, redesign pesky damage-prone packages, or make your supply chain more sustainable and easier on the environment. Email us to learn more.

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