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Eric Carlson, CPP is a Senior Packaging Engineer for Chainalytics.  Bringing his engineering background and degree from Silicon Valley to the packaging world.  With a thorough understanding of the forces involved in distribution and ASTM / ISTA test methods, combined with extensive understanding of dynamic attenuation, Eric’s design work focuses on damage prevention and protective packaging.  Eric has been involved with a wide range of highly technical designs in applications such as; medical device packaging, military, space & satellites, electronics, test equipment, pharmaceutical and medical equipment, industrial equipment, recreational equipment & vehicles, computers & disc test equipment, etc.

Rich Lindgren, CPP is a Senior Packaging Engineer at Chainalytics.  He has a B.S. in Packaging from University of Wisconsin-Stout and formal training in Six Sigma, SolidWorks (3D modeling) and Project Management.  Rich has helped many customers achieve major cost savings goals by performing packaging assessments to identify cost savings opportunities and then driving implementation and results through project management and use of project tools and leveraging of ASTM/ISTA Test methods. Rich has been a key catalyst and change agent in numerous supply chain cost reduction initiatives. Rich’s package engineering applications include industrial equipment, consumer products, food packaging, secondary & tertiary packaging, medical and high-technology products. Rich is also a Lifetime Certified Packaging Professional (CPP).
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Kyle Ous, CPP is a Packaging Consultant at Chainalytics where he is involved with setting up new accounts and following through on project deliverables related to packaging and supply chain cost reduction programs. In addition to building client relationships, Kyle’s deep analytical skills combined with his ability to articulate ideas, enabling clients to visualize the benefit and help them understand how packaging optimization will improve supply chain performance.  Kyle has led numerous engagements related to FedEx and UPS dimensional weight penalty reduction, establish packaging compliance guidelines & requirements, as well as numerous cost savings initiatives through right sizing and harmonization & standardization exercises.

Kyle holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business – Packaging from the University of Wisconsin – Stout. He also completed a Minor Certification in Supply Chain Management.

To stay updated on latest advancements in Packaging and the Supply Chain, Kyle participates in local and national events for the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IOPP) and Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP).
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Rob Kaszubowski, CPP is a Senior Packaging Engineer with Chainalytics Packaging Optimization Practice where he focuses on cost savings initiatives, packaging design for distribution projects and transport packaging.  Rob uses a data-driven and analytics approach to develop customized cost savings analysis models,and excels in developing rigorous frameworks to help drive projects to a final solution.

In addition to landing client engagements, Rob is responsible for mentoring junior consulting staff within the practice.  Rob’s engineering work and analysis over the years has led to bottom line supply chain savings for numerous Consumer Product Goods, durable consumer goods companies and Final Mile shippers. 

Rob holds a Bachelor of Science in Packaging from the University of Wisconsin-Stout and has formal training in SolidWorks (3D modeling) and ArtiosCAD (corrugated and paperboard design) and is a Certified Packaging Professional (CPP).

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Bob Fiedler, CPP, Fellow is a Principal Packaging Consultant with Chainalytics with over 30 years of packaging consulting experience and is an authority in protective packaging design.   He is responsible for devising end-to-end packaging strategy for the medical, consumer goods, industrial manufacturing, technology and retail industries. 

Bob is well-known throughout the packaging industry and among packaging professional as an expert in his field, having served on both the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) and American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) committees. He was the Vice President of the Council of Specialists and Chairman of the Consultants Council of IoPP.  He also co-chairs the ASTM D10 Committee on Packaging, Subcommittee 10.22 on transportation and handling test methods.

Throughout his career, he has authored numerous articles and papers. He was a contributing editor to “Fundamentals of Packaging Dynamics”, and the editor of Distribution Packaging Technology and Best of TransPack.  He also served as a contributing author to the Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology.   He is an internationally recognized lecturer, and has conducted seminars in China, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Brazil and North America.Bob holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Packaging and an MBA from Michigan State University.  He is recognized as a lifetime Certified Professional in Packaging and is a Fellow member of both the IoPP and ASTM. Bob recently received the Alfred H. McKinlay Award for Outstanding Achievements, thanks to his contributions to developing and improving packaging test standards.

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Sam Huppert is a Packaging Engineering Consultant with Chainalytics where he supports senior engineers with cost savings and damage reduction projects from project launch through final implementation. Sam plays a key role in the development of various packaging prototypes using ArtiosCad to present concept designs to clients and for verification in distribution testing. He is a facilitator for the advancement of projects and is a key asset to help provide project deliverables ahead of deadlines and key milestone dates. Sam's efforts help develop transport packaging solutions, perform competitive benchmarking, and product and package teardown analysis.

Sam has a Bachelor of Science in Packaging from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

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Noah Rabinowitz is a package designer at Chainalytics, where he focuses on developing customized packaging designs and creative packaging ideas that can drive cost savings while meeting the structural needs of the product. In addition to drafting packaging solutions, Noah assists in the Packaging Development Center to create prototypes and perform transport package testing per ISTA and ASTM protocols. This stage of the solution development process is crucial to deliver assurances that performance standards of the product packaging are met. Noah's design and drafting background allow the team to deliver customized packaging specifications direct to the client.

Noah has worked on packaging spanning from retail spaces to international logistics, as well as business-to-business (B2B) and consumer packaged goods (CPG) products. 

Noah has an AAS from Dunwoody College of Technology in Minneapolis and is formerly trained in Esko's ArtiosCAD (2D and 3D packaging design).

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Tom Blanck serves as Principal packaging consultant at the Packaging Optimization Practice at Chainalytics where he manages the packaging consultants on the delivery of cost savings initiatives, durable packaging development, and packaging strategy and resource support programs.   Working with leading organizations, Tom has enabled packaging improvement across multiple industries, including CPG, Durable Goods, Retail Packaging, Private Label Packaging, Medical Device, 3PL and Final Mile shippers.
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