About Us

Packaging Matters is a blog written by a team of packaging consultants from Chainalytics.  The core packaging team at Chainalytics has been helping customers solve their packaging issues, save money and reduce packaging and transportation & logistics costs since 2001. 

Their proven and time-tested approach to packaging engineering rapidly identifies solutions which minimize upfront investment and provide the desired result – packaging that is engineered to provide sufficient protection at optimal costs. We do not sell or broker any materials or equipment so we offer an unbiased approach and are truly an engineering services provider. This allows us to focus on the task at hand and add to our clients' bottom line profitability.
packaging improvements can reduce damage

In the area of Packaging Optimization, Chainalytics provides custom packaging solutions to help you save money through packaging & transportation improvements, reduce damage, improve margins and improve supply chain performance. 

The packaging engineers at Chainalytics use state-of-the-art software and design tools - such as ArtiosCAD, SolidWorks, TOPS Optimization software and more to provide packaging design, prototyping, and protocol testing services that consider the entire packaging value chain to identify cost savings and sustainability improvement opportunities.

Chainalytics’ Certified Packaging Professionals (CPP) are unmatched in expertise and experience and are subject matter experts in several package testing protocols, including ISTA, ASTM, and ISO 11607.

What We Do:

Solve complex packaging damage issues:
  • Do you have a high damage return or warranty signal rate?
  • Do you have a significant cost tied to product damage?
  • Have your products been designed for distribution?
  • Are your customers dissatisfied when they receive your product?
  • How has packaging or damage impacted your Net Promoter Score?
  • Do you now how to reduce packaging damage?
  • Have you been contacted by your retail buyer to reduce damage and improve your packaging?
  • Do you know the transportation hazards within your own supply chain?
  • Have you had a recent change in your supply chain: new mode of transportation, change in handling methods (manual or mechanical), or change in warehousing strategies?
  • Can your packaging withstand final mile delivery?
Identify and Implement packaging cost savings:
  • Have you evaluated your packaging for cost savings potential?
  • Are you using the most effective packaging materials?
  • Could you fit more products on a pallet or in a trailer?
  • Have you optimized your packaging to fit the constraints of the retailer shelf space?
  • Has your company used packaging as a technical lever to reduce costs and improve bottom line profits?
  • Are you performing a graphic refresh or looking to perform a complete packaging transformation?
Packaging Engineering Support Programs:
  • Packaging Project Execution:
    • Do you have a packaging project with specific scope and objectives, but are lacking internal resources or expertise to execute?
    • Does your internal package engineering team need some short term help to provide burst capacity to help tackle packaging challenges?
  • Slack Fill Analysis:
    • Is your company at risk for a slack fill violation?
    • Do you have enough product in your package?
    • Have you measured your products and packaging for non-functional slack fill?
  • Product Packaging Design:
    • packaging engineering and design
    • Are you developing a new product?
    • Do you need assistance with your design, prototyping, testing and verification?
    • Not sure which packaging materials to use?
    • Do you need to design packaging for an expensive, high-risk or fragile item?
  • Packaging Bids and RFP's
    • Do you need assistance gathering and updating packaging specifications for an upcoming RFP?
    • Do you know the breakouts of costs for your corrugated packaging - paper materials vs. margin and markups?
  • Medical device packaging:
    • Do you need to develop packaging concepts for the launch of a new product?
    • Are you changing materials or equipment?
    • Do you need help engineering a solution to withstand the full distribution test sequence of ASTM D4169?
  • Competitive Benchmarking:
    • How does my packaging compare to our competitors?
    • Are our packaging materials, trailer loading and outbound trailer weights "Best in Class"?
  • Packaging teardowns:
    • How much packaging am I using?
    • How many components are there?
    • What do the packaging components cost?
  • Dimensional weight:
    • Are you being charged a dim weight penalty?
    • Can your packaging be redesigned or re-engineered to minimize the cubic volume of your shipper?
    • What is the right mix of boxes and box sizes to use for e-commerce shipments and fulfillment?
Who We Help
  • Consumer packaged goods companies (CPG)
  • Durable consumer goods
  • Retail packaging
  • Private label packaging
  • Medical device packaging
  • e-commerce and fulfillment shippers
  • Food and beverage
  • Furniture
  • Industrial goods
  • Final Mile Shippers
  • 3PL
  • Electronics
  • Technology

To learn more about Chainalytics or our packaging engineering services, please visit www.chainalytics.com or contact our packaging consultants direct at Packaging@Chainalytics.com or +1 (612) 252-1830.

Chainalytics is a leading provider of supply chain intelligence, analytics, and advisory services. Through a unique combination of best practice knowledge, exclusive benchmarking research, and advanced decision sciences tools and techniques, Chainalytics empowers fact-based decision making in the areas of Supply Chain Design, SIOP (Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning), Logistics Operations,Transportation, Service Supply Chain, and Packaging Optimization.