Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Anatomy of the Packaging-Matters Blog

by Rich Lindgren, CPP - Chainalytics

This post is to help all readers optimize their time spent on the Packaging-Matters Blog. This entry breaks down the different functions and options you have when visiting our blog.

Back to Main Page - anytime you want you can click on Title of Blog; will get you back home no matter what area you are in blog or comments.

Subscribe to Blog - enter your email here and you will get our new posts delivered to your inbox as soon as they are published.

Category Labels- We assign a category to every post, that way you can browse categories to find info quickly. Foe example, click on Sustainability Scene to read all the entries about greener packaging movements and other sustainable packaging stories.

Blog Archive - Browse by previous months, go back to April 2009 and see the humble beginnings of our blog

Quicksearch - In the upper left corner of screen, there is a search box, great way to look up a topic or word and see all the posts that contain that info.

BlogRoll Links - This is a listing of other sites that we enjoying reading and provide good information. info that we like, check them out at your leisure

RSS Subscription - These are links for RSS (Real Simple Syndication) basically you can sign up using these links and content will be pushed to your Feed Reader, there are many and MyYahoo and MyMSN have them built in, if you are interested. We can help you if you get stuck. Just another way to be on the cutting edge of getting information.

- if you see this symbol, it is a link to help you get RSS feeds setup through FeedBurner, click here and its falling down easy to get recent entries of the blog to show up on your MyYahoo or MyMSN home pages

Packaging Business News Feed: Helps you stay tuned to packaging news at a glance, updated constantly through out the day.

Hope you find this helpful and just write a comment if you have any questions.

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