Monday, June 22, 2009

How Can CPG’s Better Play the Green Card?

by Rich Lindgren, CPP - Chainalytics
If more consumer goods producers played the “Green” card, would the consumers buy into it? Often most companies try to go for a "green look" which usually means brown (kraft) packaging and toned down graphics but they have not really done much to change their sustainable impact. Usually a much more sustainable impact is attained by reducing materials and the overall size of the packaging, not just switching out materials.

Picture a scenario where instead of a package boasting 20% more product, a company right size their package & displayed a banner that shouted “20% Less Packaging”.
Maybe on the back or side panel instead of just nutrition facts they could tally trees saved or gallons of diesel saved by their packaging optimization changes.

Would shoppers in the aisles recognize this value and use it to make buying decisions?

Kellogg’s is testing a similar concept, that they call a “Space Saving Box” I believe their marketing angle is that the box better utilizes a standard kitchen cupboard or pantry, but I would venture to guess there is some good packaging material cost savings and sustainable wins with the Kellogg’s test design as well.

If it works, maybe they will put the Packaging Engineer on the front of a Wheaties Box some day….

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