Friday, December 12, 2014

Packaging Fail - How not to unload a Truck

Packaging and material handling are everyday activities when they go as planned, but there are always special occurrences and variances to normal processes and events in your supply chain.

Check out the following video of pallet jack material handling dock truck unloading gone amiss.

That is quite the pallet jack fail, hopefully the operator was not harmed too much.  Most certainly the impacts on the product and packaging in that stretch wrapped unit load saw forces above and beyond that in your normal ISTA or ASTM test protocol.

Just proves that you probably can't ever afford "Zero Damage" in your supply chain, but finding that balance is still the biggest trick. We can help! Contact our packaging consultants today.


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  2. This video definitely helped me know what not to do when unpacking! I'm currently trying to hire someone to help me move. I'd like to find a good packing and unpacking service in Melbourne. I have a lot of delicate things that need to be taken care of, any suggestions?


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