Friday, July 22, 2011

Chainalytics Acquires Packaging Solutions Business From Adalis

Chainalytics to Provide Packaging Consulting and Engineering Services in New Minnesota-based Practice

Atlanta, GA – July 19, 2011 – Chainalytics LLC, a leading supply chain research, analytics and consulting firm focused on enabling fact-based supply chain decisions, announced today its acquisition of the packaging engineering and supply chain solutions consulting business from Adalis Corporation. Adalis is a global packaging solutions provider that offers package reinforcement and opening technologies to customers around the world and is a subsidiary of H.B. Fuller Company. The Adalis packaging engineering and consulting team, located in Minnesota, will form a new practice within Chainalytics that will focus on optimizing supply chain packaging solutions. Tom Blanck will lead Chainalytics’ packaging optimization practice as principal.

The Adalis packaging consulting team is a group of certified packaging engineers with significant packaging expertise and a proven track record across multiple industries, including food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, high tech and retail, in which Chainalytics has a strong existing presence, as well as several target markets like medical and industrial. The combination of the team’s technical capability with its cost-minimizing, environmentally-conscious approach strategically expands the scope of supply chain optimization services offered by Chainalytics.

“Packaging design can have a significant impact on overall supply chain performance and sustainability,” states Mike Kilgore, President and CEO, Chainalytics. “Our new packaging optimization practice will provide deep expertise, which, when combined with our robust knowledge of transportation and supply chain tradeoffs, will deliver exceptional value to our existing and future clients.”

Adalis acquired the Packaging Solutions Group in 2004 and has helped clients save millions of dollars by improving packaging and logistics design. The team has developed an approach and proven methodology to solve rigorous packaging and transportation challenges, including those related to high-value and sensitive products.

“Our team is truly excited to join forces with Chainalytics’ supply chain and transportation professionals,” says Tom Blanck. “Our value propositions are naturally aligned, and our clients will benefit from expertise and experience that uniquely blends operations, packaging and logistics. Supply chain stakeholders will be able to leverage packaging further upstream to influence the entire distribution system.”

Chainalytics’ packaging optimization services will help companies balance the performance of physical supply chain packaging activities – such as transportation load factors and product protection – against the impact of packaging on marketing and sales objectives. Services will include:

  • Packaging Design and Development to improve the design or material use for cost reduction or improved packaging performance;
  • Packaging Optimization to increase shipping densities of containers and improve cube utilization for decreased logistics cost; and
  • Sustainable Packaging Improvement to leveraging packaging materials and processes to reduce emissions and improve carbon footprint.

About Chainalytics
Chainalytics is a professional services firm that enhances competitive advantage and shareholder value through optimized supply chain strategies. Using a fact-based decision making approach, Chainalytics accelerates and improves supply chain performance. Chainalytics offers both project-based and managed services using a unique combination of domain expertise, resilient methodologies, and exclusive research and content — all supported by the world’s most advanced decision sciences tools and techniques. Chainalytics targets enterprises with a high degree of complexity created by their unique combination of scale, variability, and geography. With locations in North America and Asia, Chainalytics serves companies globally in a borderless fashion.

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