Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Frustration-Free Packaging Redesign

by Brad Oberstadt - Chainalytics

Amazon.com® new Frustration-Free Packaging initiative not only cures online shoppers of “wrap rage”, it is also a benefit to other retailers selling products online. Frustration-Free Packaging strips down the original retail packages to the bare essentials or the lowest point of protection needed to ensure the product gets to the customer undamaged.

Amazon.com recognized that online retailers don’t need the marketing or theft deterring characteristics of traditional retail packaging. Frustration-Free Packaging gives Amazon.com and other online retailers an excellent opportunity to save money in reduced packaging material cost.
Just look at this example by Fisher-Price®. By re-engineering their packaging to the frustration-free format, they were able to reduce a long list of materials, creating a much more cost effective and sustainable package for their pirate ship toy, not to mention making it easier for the consumer to open. Amazon reported the below material savings in just one package:

• 1576.5 square inches of printed corrugated package inserts
• 175.25 square inches of PVC blisters
• 36.1 square inches of folding carton materials
• 36 inches of plastic-coated steel-wire ties
• 2 molded plastic fasteners
• 3.5 square inches of ABS molded styrene

Multiply these numbers by thousands of annual sales units and you are making a large impact towards reducing your company's sustainability footprint.

Interested in bringing the benefits of Frustration Free Packaging to your company? Contact the packaging engineers at
Chainalytics, info@chainalytics.com. They have helped hundreds of companies redesign and re-engineer their packaging to realize material cost savings and significant supply chain cost reductions.

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