Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Spotlight on the Supply Chain for Competitive Improvements

by Tom Blanck, CPP, CSCP- Chainalytics

The message was clear at this year’s APICS Convention: many organizations have sharpened their focus on the supply chain to increase their competitive advantage, profitability and sustainability. I spoke at this year’s convention
to explain how packaging plays a significant role in reducing supply chain costs.

With organizations considering a variety of ways to improve supply chain performance, packaging is an important factor to evaluate because it impacts the entire supply chain. Packaging can impact freight, storage and handling costs, and by leveraging packaging design and optimization, changes can be made to create savings that go directly to the bottom line.

Many organizations are also looking to the supply chain for opportunities to improve sustainability and measure success and in my presentation, I addressed the alignment between cost reduction and sustainability, and how packaging improvements can deliver on both these timely challenges and presented a few examples of companies that have capitalized on packaging optimization for significant supply chain improvements.

I also highlighted a recent example of a food manufacturer who optimized transport packaging by making several minor improvements to their secondary packaging. These straightforward improvements will not only help the company save thousands of gallons of diesel fuel and eliminate hundreds of trailer load trips, but they will also increase margins by several hundred thousand dollars throughout the coming year.

Chainalytics Packaging Optimization Practice is a team of IoPP Certified Packaging Professionals that provide the experience and unbiased packaging engineering services. They have helped many clients improve profitability and sustainability through better packaging performance and design as well as through supply chain optimization saving millions of dollars in packaging and supply chain costs.

Click here, to find contact to learn how packaging improvements can improve supply chain logistics.

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  1. n such an environment, the spotlight is firmly on supply chain ... that the best supply chains contribute to competitive advantage.


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