Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Puma Thinks Outside of the Box

by Rob Busse, CPP - Chainalytics

Outside of the shoebox, that is. After 21 months of development and apparently 2,000 ideas, Puma has a design that will replace the common shoe box that has been around for dozens of years. The design consists of a “sustainable” cotton and recycled polyester bag and corrugated insert. Puma estimates that bag will slash water, energy, and fuel consumption during manufacturing alone by 60%–in one year, that comes to a savings of 8,500 tons of paper, 20 million mega joules of electricity, 264,000 gallons of fuel, and 264 gallons of water. Ditching the plastic bags will save 275 tons of plastic, and the lighter shipping weight will save another 132,000 gallons of diesel.
Unfortunately for Puma, they don’t expect that the design will save any money initially since the higher price of the materials will offset other savings. They are certainly hoping that the package will drive up sales dollars with all of the hype that has been created and with undoubtedly more to come. Is this going to make you buy a pair of Puma's?

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