Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It’s Rollback Time at Chainalytics

by Rob Busse, CPP - Chainalytics
Have you seen the new Walmart commercials, “It’s Rollback Time at Walmart”? They explain practical ways Walmart has reduced costs and improved sustainability. These commercials hit pretty close to home for us here at Chainalytics, especially the ones that relate to packaging materials and logistics.
Check out the first video below – it refers to Walmart’s redesign of the shipping cases used on their Great Value cereals. The Walmart associate in the video realized they didn’t need the full flaps on the shipping cases because they don’t add much value and take up a lot of corrugated (or “cardboard” as said in the video for the non-packaging audience). Walmart changed over to what is referred to as a “gap flap” design, so now the flaps don’t completely meet in the center. By creating this gap they were able to use less corrugated on each case and that savings adds up fast. Walmart reports they are now using almost three million fewer pounds of corrugated, which translates into less greenhouse gases, less waste water, less solid waste and less energy which is great for both the environment and your wallet.
This new case and the rest of the videos below are great examples of the work Chainalytics does each day for our clients. We help our clients identify and implement ways to improve their packaging to save money and improve sustainability.

Walmart’s slogan is “Save People Money so they can Live Better”, but at
Chainalytics it’s “Save our Customers Money so they can Increase their Bottom Line and Reduce their Carbon Footprint!" It’s Rollback time at Chainalytics!

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  1. How cool it is that the biggest company in the world puts so much emphasis on packaging!

    Thanks for the article,
    Typically Underappreciated Packaging Engineer


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