Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Revolution in Pizza Boxes? Check out what Walmart is doing!

by Rob Busse, CPP - Chainalytics
There is no doubt that Walmart is a leader in the area of sustainability. They have implemented a packaging scorecard and have created some aggressive goals to reduce packaging waste- they want to reduce all packaging waste by 2025!

Check out how their deli pizza box is bringing them one step closer to reaching their goals!

The deli pizza boxes are being made from 100% recycled corrugate which has come directly from Walmart’s retail stores. It is the first fully closed recycling loop of its kind.

Here’s the flow which is explained in the video below.

1. Walmart retail associates recycle corrugated boxes by sending them through a compactor.

2. Bundles of corrugate are sent to Pratt Industries, where it is repulped and turned into the linberboard that is used to make boxes.

3. Pratt then converts that linerboard into pizza boxes for Walmart.

Impressive! What is Walmart going to do next?

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