Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Somebody is listening to your packaging concerns

by Bob Fiedler, CPP, Fellow - Chainalytics has added a listening post to their website to get feedback on their packaging for shipments. What a great way to collect complaints and compliments to see how effective their shipping system is working. So many companies ship and hope for silence as the measure of their effectiveness. It is good to see someone asking for feedback at the outset.

Sometimes I think of packaging designers and shippers as sending out arrows trying to hit a target, and then never looking to see how many are in the center and how many miss the target completely. Feedback can help to adjust the sights for the next shot. Here is a snapshot from the website about how their feedback program works.

Packaging Feedback Program Overview
At Amazon, we are working to improve all aspects of our business. This includes the way in which we ship packages to our customers. The Packaging Feedback Program is designed so you can tell us if your items arrived in good condition and in appropriate-sized packaging. We'll use your input to improve product and Amazon packaging.

Entering Your Packaging Feedback
1. Visit
2. Review the list of shipments for orders placed within the past 60 days.
3. Click the Leave Packaging Feedback button next to the shipment.
4. Fill in ratings and answers to questions. You'll also have the option to upload a photo of your shipment.
5. Click the Done button.

If you are a packaging engineer, wouldn’t you want this direct link to consumers for feedback on your packaging designs and it’s performance?

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  1. I guess it couldn't harm hearing actual consumer feeback on packaging from a large audience such as Amazons customer base.

    Main priorty of a large retailer such as Amazon is the product gets to the customer with no damage.

    Good graphics, quality material and innovative packaging would be last on the list I would imagine.

    Client is always right hey :)

    Anna Wood


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