Monday, May 11, 2009

Heritage meets Innovation

by Rich Lindgren, CPP - Chainalytics

The new Maestro closure for champagne has been introduced through a partnership between Alcan and Champagne Duval-Leroy. This unique closure keeps the tradition of “The Pop” without a cork of any kind. The two biggest benefits are the safety of no more flying projectiles and no more worries of corks affecting the delicate tastes of many types of champagne.

The following video clip gives some great detail and pictures of the inner workings of this innovative closure.

From the video, it appears they are combining the properties of a metal crown closure often associated with beer and the newer style plastic corks that many wines have shifted to. It’s also noted that this closure can be wrapped or decorated with foils and other materials to preserve the romantic feel of many current champagne bottles.

The other thing I find very cool, is that they chose a very established and traditional flavor of champagne to partner with this innovative new opening feature!

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